Retirement Party Venue

Planning A Retirement Party

Retirement is a big life occasion. It marks the end of a career and the start of a new chapter in life. Naturally, a retirement party is necessary to celebrate this significant milestone. 

Organizing a retirement event shows appreciation to the commitment and hard work they’ve put into the company over the years. The perfect retirement party reflects the retiree’s career, character, hobbies, and interests. Honor this milestone by booking a venue to celebrate this important time. 

Banquets of Minnesota provides affordable retirement venues to help companies in the Twin Cities celebrate their retirees. Check out the best venue for a retirement party at Banquets of Minnesota, our premier private event spaces.


Planning A Retirement Party

Is there a perfect time to throw a retirement party? Absolutely. The ideal time for these special events is just before or after the retirement date. You can hold it a few days or weeks before or up to two weeks after retirement. 

Celebrating retirement around the actual date makes for a more momentous occasion. Your friends, family, and colleagues are excited for this new chapter to begin for you and are more likely to attend and participate in the festivities.

How to celebrate retirement? Where should you hold a retirement party? The perfect spot depends on your guest list, location, and the kind of party you have in mind. Weekdays are ideal for an office party with co-workers. Weekends are best if planning a lavish retirement party with loved ones, friends, and co-workers. 

Banquet halls are a perfect option for a retirement party. At Banquets of Minnesota, we do all the heavy lifting when planning an event. We will work with you to arrange the décor, menu items, seating arrangement, lighting, and more. As a retiree, you can sit back and bask in the spotlight as you celebrate your lifetime event.

What Makes a Memorable Retirement Party?

Retirement is an important occasion for a retiree. Hence, you should make every effort to help them celebrate this significant milestone. Adequate preparation ensures you don’t overlook any details. First, establish if the retiree prefers a surprise or a formal party. 

Opt for a formal party if the retiree isn’t too fond of surprises. Introverts may love an intimate party with friends and co-workers, while an extrovert would love to be the center of attention at a lavish retirement dinner party. 

Here are some pointers to make a retirement party fun and memorable: 

  • The ideal guest list comprises people nearest and dearest to the retiree. That includes the spouse, children, co-workers, immediate bosses, former bosses, and close friends. 
  • Pick a venue that caters to the size and the type of party you wish to host. Ballrooms are better suited for parties with more than 50 people on the guest list.
  • Plan the party theme around the retiree’s hobbies and interests. Or have a roast serve as the theme for the evening. 
  • Creating a commemorative look of the retiree’s achievement makes the party memorable. Stitch together a video and have family, friends, and co-workers share tributes. 
  • Balloons, streamers, and banners with positive and uplifting phrases inject a festive feel into the party.
  • Invite a few people to give a short toast based on their relationship with the retiree.

At Banquets of Minnesota Ballrooms, we go the extra mile to make your retirement party a memorable and fun occasion.

Why Choose Banquets of Minnesota Ballrooms?

With years of experience planning and hosting lavish events around the Twin Cities, we’re peerless when providing our guests with world-class amenities and catering services. We offer a choice of two premier event spaces in the Twin Cities area when you need to host a retirement party:  

  • Grand Olympian Ballroom: Throw your retirement party in our grandest room and have up to 450 family members, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances celebrate this milestone. This ballroom includes a lobby area and a dance floor. 
  • Vivian Ballroom: The Vivian ballroom is the perfect choice when hosting an intimate retirement party with closest and dearest friends and loved ones. This ballroom is designed for a joyful ambiance with its clean, spacious, and versatile interior décor. It can accommodate up to 280 guests and also has access to the pre-function lobby area. 

How to Start 

We are delighted to host your retirement party in our Grand Olympian or Vivian Ballrooms. A simple inquiry will get the ball rolling. Take a tour of our ballrooms, meet our venue manager, and get started on your plans today!

What to Expect 

At Banquets of Minnesota, we understand what it takes to build a lifelong career. We go the extra mile to let you usher your next chapter in life with style and grace. Our in-house services and amenities are specially designed for this. Our professional chefs ensure that each morsel of food is delicious and tailored to your needs. 

Are you interested in showcasing your career highlights? We’ve got you covered. We have everything you need, from projectors to wireless internet, a professional sound system, and a microphone for a slideshow or presentation. We can even suggest our DJ partner to entertain your guests and manage the presentation and commemorative videos. We want you to enjoy the special day at our event venue in Fridley, MN.

Let Us Help Make Your Event One to Remember!

Retirement parties are meaningful occasions that mark a retiree’s life achievements. Planning one takes lots of planning and commitment. At Banquets of Minnesota, our skilled professionals will help you plan the perfect retirement party. We’ll help you address every detail while providing you with a premier private event space without breaking the bank. 

Contact us today to discuss your retirement party needs, and we’ll make it a successful event!

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