Private & Party Event Venue

You deserve the best experience for your private event and party. This calls for a venue with enough space to accommodate your friends, family, or guests and access everything you need from a single point. Whether it’s providing enough parking spaces for the guests, in-house catering, or ensuring that the venue is decorated to your taste, having everything to your convenience lessens the pressure to plan everything for your party.


If you are looking for a premier family reunion venue in the Twin Cities area, look no further than Banquets of Minnesota. We offer various amenities, including our two ballrooms: The Grand Olympian and the Vivian Ballroom, capable of handling any family gathering, regardless of the number of guests.



Versatile Amenities: Customizing Your Event to Fit Your Needs

Bringing together your guest list for a private event or party means you’ll need a large event venue and professional hosting services. Thankfully, Banquets of Minnesota has two large banquet halls capable of handling large family gatherings and ensuring that every amenity needed for the event is available.

Our Grand Olympian Ballroom can comfortably accommodate up to 450 guests, while the Vivian Ballroom can hold up to 280 guests. Both ballrooms come with a pre-event lobby that you can use to welcome in your guests or for your cocktail hours.

When it comes to amenities, our ballrooms offer a plethora of options to consider, which include:

Full-service Catering Professional Staff Stage
On-site Parking Professional Sound System WIFI
Podium Projectors Microphones


With these amenities & more, we’re sure to have everything you need!

A Place that Does It All

There’s no better party and event experience than having a place that simultaneously caters to all your needs. At Banquets of Minnesota, we offer full-service catering and on-site parking to ensure our clients get the most convenient services.


Our professionally trained chefs and bartenders will make your private event memorable with the variety of foods on our menu. We can also create a personalized cocktail menu for your guests, all from the convenience of our setting. Don’t worry about hiring a valet or sourcing a lot. Our parking lot is big enough to handle all your guests’ vehicles. It’s also safe, accessible, and ultra convenient with a flowing design that you can comfortably park or drive your vehicle from.



Enjoy Private Events at Banquets of Minnesota

At Banquets of Minnesota we can hold any private event, including:

Corporate Events

It doesn’t matter what kind of corporate event you intend to hold. Our two exquisite ballrooms offer an inviting space that will help you hold your company’s image and reputation in high regard. Our reliable and professional staff members will also be at your disposal to help you smoothly run your corporate event.

Social, Party Events

Any social party event should be the perfect opportunity to have a great time with your friends and loved ones. There is no better place in the Twin Cities, MN, that offers the ideal venue for such events than Banquets of Minnesota. We offer many services in-house including decoration, catering, and beverage services making planning a breeze.

Wedding and Reception

Your wedding should reflect everything you’ve desired, from your favorite foods, wine selection, and décor to intricate aspects such as seating arrangements. At Banquets of Minnesota, we’re more than ready to help you create the most unforgettable experience for your wedding. Our services come with two large ballrooms, high-quality catering services, a vast parking lot, and various amenities to create the most remarkable event of your life.

Holiday Events

Nothing beats the opportunity to network with coworkers and friends than holiday events. Banquets of Minnesota has the perfect place to hold your holiday event in the Twin Cities area. We can help you create the ambiance for your holiday event, specific to your branding and guests’ expectations.


Special Request Events

Don’t see the type of event you’re looking to host listed here? No problem. We’re here and happy to help plan any type of event you can dream up! Contact us today to get started planning your next event.

Celebrate in Style: Elevate Your Private Events with Banquets of Minnesota

Banquets of Minnesota ticks all the boxes for the perfect venue to host a private event or party. Whether you’re looking for a convenient venue, in-house services, top-notch food and drinks, or a highly-professional staff, we’re here to meet your needs. Contact us today and learn how we can help you.

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