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Make the Most of Your Spring Wedding: What to Plan

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Spring is such a beautiful time of the year. With just the right temperature and everything blooming, it’s easy to see why people prefer having their weddings in such a picturesque season.  


Spring weddings are fun and exciting events that bring families together. Planning a wedding takes time and effort and can sometimes get stressful. If you haven’t started planning yet, don’t worry. Banquets of Minnesota is here to help you along the way! 


If you’re thinking of throwing a spring wedding, read on for details on what to consider before hosting yours.



Don’t Miss Any Important Parts of a Spring Wedding!

When planning a wedding, you want to get everything right, from the dress and venue to the décor. 


If you’re looking for a photographer, florist, or any other vendor, we’d suggest booking well ahead of time to secure their services!



  • The Weather

Take advantage of the springtime’s perfect weather, a time when it’s neither winter cold nor summer hot. You don’t want to freeze in your elegant off-the-shoulder gown, nor is it pleasant for your makeup to smear because of excessive heat.


Even so, you still want to play it safe because you can’t be completely assured of the perfect weather day. Therefore, consider choosing a venue where you can host both your ceremony and reception indoors. 



  • The Menu

During the warm weather months, fruits and vegetables are in season, and there’s less restriction on how much your caterers can be creative with the menu. They can include classic dishes like mini quiches and roasted vegetables while using delicious spring seasonal ingredients.


Have fun with the dessert options! Try fruit-flavored sorbets, ice cream, or even white chocolate-covered berries for an extra special treat.


Your caterer should help you create a menu that blends with the season. For example, offering wedding guests light and fruity refreshments when the temperatures rise is a fantastic gesture to keep the party vibes alive.



  • The Palette – Color Themes for Springtime

Spring weddings offer brides plenty of options when choosing their color palette for their big event. Pastels that include purple, pink, and blue are always popular choices for spring, but there are many other color palettes to consider as well! Bright, vibrant colors are trending for spring weddings and offer a bolder mood.


Beyond the attire, incorporating the season’s colors in your bouquet isn’t just for show; it also builds on the theme.



  • The Attire

Since the weather isn’t too hot or cold, there are many options for both the bride and groom! Choose a dress with a lighter fabric and exposed shoulders or a more layered one with sleeves; there’s no limit to what you can wear since you don’t have to worry about extreme weather. 


The groom can keep full attire with a suit coat or opt for a dialed-down outfit. Skip the suit coat and stick with the dress shirt, suspenders, or vest. Spring weather is the perfect temperature to go with exactly the style you want! 



  • The Most Stress-Free Tip – One Location

Hosting the ceremony and reception in one place will not only make the day extra convenient for your guests, but it could also save you money. Having to book a second location for your reception can cost another rental fee, and it’s more to plan the logistics of getting décor and people from one space to another. Plus, spring weather is gorgeous but unpredictable. You would be safer to host your ceremony indoors as opposed to in the elements.


The wedding venue makes all the difference! 



Choose Banquets of Minnesota for Your Spring Wedding

Did you know that spring connotes new beginnings? It’s a great season to celebrate everything fresh and bright – from blooming flowers to wedding bells. And what better way to kick off the season than by planning a beautiful spring wedding at our gorgeous venue?


Banquets of Minnesota is a perfect springtime wedding destination because it has the capacity to host many guests. Our two exquisite ballrooms, the Vivian Ballroom and The Grand Olympian are perfect for your medium to large size soirée. The Vivian Ballroom can accommodate up to 280 guests, while The Grand Olympian can comfortably host up to 450 guests. We also provide personalized attention, full-service catering, and beverage services to make your occasion memorable.


We’re always ready to assist on your big night, whether you’re planning a cocktail-style celebration or a late-night party.


Contact us today to start planning your wedding to make it the best and most cherished day of your life.