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Is It Worth The Extra Cost To Provide a Late Night Snack At Your Wedding?


It’s easy to figure out wedding eats, like hors d’oeuvres, main entrées, and desserts, but deciding on the wedding late-night snacks can prove to be challenging. Keep in mind that it’s important to ensure your guests stay nourished throughout the night after a day filled with your ceremony and reception. Therefore, we believe it’s important to host a late-night snack for your guests.


Late-night snack catering is more than just having lots of food. You need to set up a wedding snack table filled with different options to match different tastes and bring some fun to your late-night party. At Banquets of Minnesota, our catering team is here to help you set up the perfect late-night wedding snack table to keep your guests psyched up all night. Join us as we explore the benefits of providing a late-night snack at your reception and why it is worth considering.


Benefits of Providing a Late-Night Snack


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The happiness of celebrating your most joyous occasion might turn into an early departure once your guests start fighting hunger after they’ve burned off their dinner from dancing. At this point, their once-filled stomachs are now rumbling and need something to keep them fueled as they keep dancing and socializing. Here are some of the top reasons to consider late-night snacks for your wedding reception.

Guests are Satisfied and Energized


If you want to keep your dance floor packed and lively, there’s no better way to do it than by offering wedding snacks to battle your guests’ hunger pains. Our best advice is to have a couple choices to suit your guests’ preferences.

Enhance the Overall Guest Experience


All your guests should want to stay for the entire celebration and join in on the fun of dancing and mingling into the night. The allure and anticipation of seeing what will be served for the late-night snack may help motivate them to stay and enjoy.


Snacks can also be a great conversation starter for your guests. Therefore, instead of struggling to find something to talk about, your guests will have a tasty treat while they chat and catch up with each other.


Creating a Memorable Experience


Our experienced catering team will offer a captivating buffet for the main course, but you can have your wedding stand out more with one final serving. Late-night snacks offer the perfect way to make your wedding more memorable. This will discourage what typically happens at a wedding – the majority of your guest list departing once the bouquet has been tossed. This extra detail will leave a lasting impression on your guests for years to come.


The Extra Cost: Is it Worth It?


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Setting up the perfect late snack means the best selection of delightful foods that are sure to be a hit. Think pizza, meatballs, dips, wings, and more. It’s definitely worth the investment to ensure that your guests love their experience and stay for the entire celebration. After all, the rental of the venue should be enjoyed until the very last minute!


Banquets of Minnesota offers the perfect option for an all-inclusive wedding venue in the Twin Cities, MN, and surrounding area. From offering two exquisite ballrooms with all the amenities you need, a list of partners to work with, full in-house catering, and a dedicated venue manager to help you through your planning, you can easily save on your wedding budget and opt to add a late-night snack to the menu.


Contact Banquets of Minnesota for Personalized Late-Night Snack Options at Your Reception


There are numerous ways to create a memorable wedding, and one effective method is by offering late-night snacks. This addition enhances the overall experience by ensuring that your reception party continues into the night, fueled by delicious bites. By enlisting the expertise of a professional and experienced catering team, you can create an enticing late-night snack table that will make your wedding reception the talk of your friends and family for years to come.


At Banquets of Minnesota, we’re ready to help you choose and set up a personalized late-night snack that will enchant your guests. Our professionally trained and experienced chefs strive to go above and beyond to create foods and present them in ways that exceed your expectations. Contact us today to start planning the wedding day of your dreams, from the walk down the aisle to the late-night snacks.