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Important Details for Planning a Wedding

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First of all, congratulations! We know you’ve dreamt of getting engaged; finally, it’s here. This might be an exciting time in your life, but it might also be one of the most stressful times. Learning how to plan a wedding is crucial, considering there are so many details involved.


Banquets of Minnesota offers a premier venue to host your dream wedding in the Twin Cities and surrounding area. Besides being conveniently located, we provide a range of amenities and services that guarantee the perfect wedding. Read on to learn more about planning your dream day.


Setting the Date and Venue

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Several factors determine which date is best for your wedding. Maybe you would prefer a particular date representing your relationship, like your proposal date, your first date, or when you met. You may also choose a more flexible option, which depends on the availability of your dream venue.


When choosing a wedding venue, you should consider factors like its capacity, accessibility, and convenience of its location, budget, available amenities, and event partners. Banquets of Minnesota offers the perfect wedding venue for your wedding. From being conveniently located off Highway 65 NE in Fridley, having two large ballrooms that can host your event large or small, lots of amenities, and a wedding package created with you in mind, nothing should stop you from having your dream wedding in the Twin Cities area.


Create a Realistic Budget

While there’s no limit to how much you can spend for your wedding, having a realistic budget in your wedding planning process is crucial. Otherwise, failing to address this would result in wedding planning pitfalls. Depending on what is within your budget, you need to consider the following categories in the planning process:

  • Food and drinks
  • Photographers
  • Wedding Favors
  • Flowers
  • Honeymoon


At Banquets of Minnesota, we work hard to maintain a country club atmosphere at affordable rates. This comes with our comprehensive services that ensure you get everything you need from our venue. Our two stunning ballrooms offer the perfect venue for your wedding, each equipped with state-of-the-art technology and amenities. We also provide a customizable catering menu prepared by our experienced and professionally trained chefs.


For your photography, photo booths, flowers, cakes, dessert, wedding officiants, music, and more, we’ve partnered with the best service providers in the Twin Cities area to build a seamless wedding for you.


Guest List Considerations

Planning your guest list may seem easy, but it can be tricky, especially when you have to balance between family members and friends. Therefore, you must consider a few crucial aspects to ease your mind. The main factors determining your guest list include your budget, venue choice, and style of wedding you desire.


With Banquets of Minnesota, you can have as many as 450 guests for your wedding, which our Grand Olympian Ballroom can comfortably accommodate. It also has an extra-large dance floor where your guests can groove. If you’re considering up to 280 guests, The Vivian Ballroom could be the choice for you. It also offers a large dance floor and permanent ceiling drapery, bringing unmatched sophistication to your wedding.


Catering and Bar Selection

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Once you’re sure of how many guests to invite to your wedding, it’s time to consider catering and bar selection. This will help you decide on the perfect menu. Ensure the menu reflects your preferred wedding hors d’oeuvre selection, the main course, and desserts. With our customizable menu, you can get a variety of wedding food that meet your special consideration. This includes a breakfast menu, a buffet menu, and an accompaniment menu.


At Banquets of Minnesota, you can choose from a wide selection of cash and hosted bar options. Our bar hosting option and beverage menu are customized to meet your preferences. We have a fully stocked bar with various bottled beer, mixers, garnishes, and liquors. Plus, we provide professional catering staff to provide top-notch service for your guests.


Banquet of Minnesota: The Perfect Venue for Your Dream Wedding

Planning the perfect wedding requires a lot of consideration. However, it’s easier to handle a huge part of the planning if you can rely on a venue who offers most of the services you need for your wedding.


Are you wondering how to plan a wedding in the Twin Cities area? Banquets of Minnesota is the perfect wedding venue you’ve been searching for. We offer a range of amenities and services, including our two large ballrooms, in-house catering, on-site ceremonies, an expansive menu, and vendor partners you can trust. We also have a venue manager on-site who will help you plan and organize your wedding from start to finish.


Contact us today, and we will help you plan your dream event effortlessly.