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How to Plan a Great Event

Whether you’re bringing people together to acknowledge a job well done, celebrate a marriage, or anything in between, plan the event of the year with the help of Banquets of Minnesota.


Are you looking for some tips on how to plan a great event? You’ve landed at the right place. Banquets of Minnesota has years of experience planning events. We understand what makes an event successful and memorable. In addition, we offer a wide range of services, including event planning, full-service catering, and more. Our goal is simple – to make your next event unforgettable.


Let’s return to the main reason you’re here – why is event planning crucial?


  • It causes less stress and gives you the confidence to host a successful event.
  • It ensures you don’t go over budget while getting the best value for every dollar you spend.
  • It helps you design an unforgettable experience for your guests.


Should You Work With an Event Planning Company?

The short answer is a resounding yes. Working with an experienced event venue, such as Banquets of Minnesota, can help you successfully host your dream event. We offer full catering services from professional chefs and two unique ballrooms that can host hundreds of guests.


Event planning isn’t exactly similar to hosting your average home party. It takes a lot of intricate detail to ensure everything goes right. This quick guide will show you how to plan a great event in 4 steps.


Consider the Ultimate Goal and Objective of Your Event

It might seem a little obvious but carefully considering the goal and objective is crucial. It’s the foundation upon which EVERY successful event is designed. This is what you will be checking off after your event.


Are you looking to raise money, create awareness, host a wedding reception, social event, or networking event, or are you simply looking to bring people together for a fun evening? Be crystal clear on what exactly you aim to achieve.


Establish a Budget

No matter how ambitious your dream event might be, it will ultimately be limited to your budget. The first step is to flip that thought process. Instead of feeling limited by your budget, ask yourself, “how can I use my budget to create the best event possible?”


Create a solid budget (in actual figures) and then creatively explore ideas within those figures. If you feel the need to make cuts, focus on the areas that won’t take away from your guests’ experience or the areas that won’t significantly affect the event’s outcome.


Key event costs include venue, food and drinks, décor, entertainment, lighting, marketing, and other miscellaneous costs. Include a contingency for any unprecedented costs. Roughly 10-20% of the budget.


Plan the Agenda

Behind every successful event is a great team. By bouncing ideas off your event planning partners, you will conclude a timeline for the day that includes all aspects. A great plan will have a smooth and flowing sequence of all the segments and key moments of the event. Think; how can I make this the most memorable and valuable experience for my guests?


Set The Date & Book The Venue

You may already have a precise date if it’s a recurring event. If you don’t, make all the necessary considerations when selecting the perfect date. Consider your guests, venue, and service providers, who often require a reasonable notice period.


When it comes to the venue, size matters. Select an event venue that can comfortably host the entire list of attendees. You want a venue that will be big enough so guests don’t feel cramped and have room to move about.


Host Your Unique Event with Banquets of Minnesota

Event planning can seem like a daunting task. Let us help you plan and host your next great event in Minnesota. We offer a full catering service, complete with in-house professional chefs who can create the perfect menu for your event. Each of our ballrooms are equipped with projectors, wireless internet, stage podium, professional sound system, and microphone so any meeting or presentation will run smoothly.


Contact us today to host your event in any of our two exquisite spaces, The Grand Olympian, which can host up to 450 guests, and the Vivian Ballroom, which can host up to 280 guests. Both spaces can handle corporate events, social gatherings, wedding celebrations, and many other types of events. With our full list of amenities, planning your event will be a breeze!