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Tips on Wedding Speeches

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It’s quite the honor to be asked to make a speech on your loved one’s wedding day but it can be pretty nerve-racking too. You’ll likely be standing in a large room in front of your friends and/or family mixed with people you may not know at all. Those are a lot of eyes on you and ears intently listening to what you have to say. That’s a lot of pressure! Don’t worry, we’ve heard a couple thousand speeches in our time hosting weddings and Banquets of Minnesota has the best tips to help you curate the best speech!


Read on for a quick guide on what to include in your speech and how to make it a success!



1. Introduce Yourself

Even if you think you know everyone on the guest list, make sure to introduce yourself. It will be a welcome refresher for anyone that may not remember your name or that you’ve only met once before. Introduce yourself and explain how you know the bride, groom, or couple. This will establish a good rapport with the audience and give credibility to what you’re saying. Do you have a funny story? You’re more believable if you explain to the crowd that you’re the bride’s little sister or the groom’s college roommate. It automatically provides trustworthiness to your story.


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2. Keep It Short

Short Wedding Speeches

One common mistake people make when writing speeches is they don’t consider the timing. You could have a great speech that you’ve worked so hard to put together, but if it takes upwards of 10 minutes it could ruin it altogether. The perfect length for a speech is three to five minutes. We’ll say it again, three to five minutes! This is the sweet spot to gain your audience’s attention and keep it for the duration of your speech.


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3. Tell a Curated Story

Dig deep and try to think of a story that showcases the qualities of the person you’re closest to or of the couple together. The simple, concise stories are the best ones to be the centerpiece of your speech. The story serves as the perfect focal point to structure the rest of your speech around and keep it focused.



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4. Acknowledge the Couple Individually

Typically, you will have a closer relationship with one person in the couple. You may be the bride’s best friend, the groom’s brother, or a parent. No matter who you are, it’s more likely that you have a closer relationship with one person in the duo. That doesn’t mean that you should only acknowledge that person. You are making a speech for a wedding after all; a joining of two people and their lives. Recognize both people as individuals and how they have and will continue to complement each other into their future together.




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5. Raise a Glass to the Happy Couple

As the person giving a speech, you are personally wishing them well in their next adventure together as a married couple. You are also representing well wishes from everyone in the crowd, you were just given the honor of giving a speech at the reception. Include everyone in the crowd when you ask them to join you in raising your glass to wish the couple the best in their future together.



Preparation and practice make perfect when giving a wedding speech. Use our tips to write the perfect speech in celebration of the happy couple. Be sure to make it your own and bring your personality and humor into the mix to make it genuine and one to remember.



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